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Matt and Komiti celebrate their recent success.

Komiti Levai’s ‘This Is My Time’ Reaches No.7 on iTunes Charts

When Komiti contacted Matt to line up some studio time, it wasn’t the first time their paths had crossed: They had previously collaborated on another artist’s project, establishing a mutual appreciation for the others’ talents and ambitions. Naturally, when the first inklings of what was to be his first studio original crossed his mind, Komiti knew exactly where to find the ideal environment to develop it.

“I just loved the sounds he was creating” Komiti explained, “You can tell him how you want the song to feel and he can just translate that onto the track.”

“We’ve had a great time putting this together,” said Matt, “Working with such a talented songwriter isn’t work at all. Komiti welcomed my creative touches to his tracks, which allowed me the flexibility to really perfect the sound design and utilise some unique production techniques that really bring out his sound. After the success of ‘This Is My Time’ we’re already working on another project.”
“-Watch this space!’ Komiti winked.

Reaching No.7 on the Australian music charts, Komiti’s ‘This Is My Time’, featuring Pep-C, is a testament to the kind of raw talent Newcastle has on offer and is available on all popular platforms.

Listen now on Spotify or Apple Music.