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Having recently released his new single ‘Heartbreak’, Tom Martin, a.k.a Sookiee, remembers one of the first shows he attended that made him think about taking things to the next level. 

“In the beginning I was just running around in circles, I didn’t really have a computer or a mic to record myself and I just couldn’t get organised. I messed around with maybe putting a band together but it never really worked out. I went to Falls Festival a couple of years ago and saw Triple One perform, and they were one of the larger inspirations to just make it happen. I’d only just started listening to them, and they were crazy live.”

What are some of your more recent influences?

“That’s a hard one. At the moment, probably Juice WRLD, Huskii and Lil Peep. Music’s always been everything to me, so I’m always obsessed with at least one track or album at a time. There’s been so many artists that I’ve attached myself to through some shitty times; They bring out a mass of emotion and motivation in me that nothing else can, and my music reflects that.”

Working on anything right now?

Yeah my new track, Comfort, is going to be sick! I’m just waiting on a few things to come together. I wrote it in about 5 minutes at my Mum’s house and recorded it like a week later, I think. I ended up sending it to another Newy artist, Jivvel, and he wanted to be on it straight away. We had actually never met beforehand so the day we filmed the clip was our first time meeting which was super cool. It’ll definitely be my best work yet!”

Plans for the future?

“I’m starting to get more serious about my releases, like only releasing singles with video clips. I’m working on a mixtape as we speak, and that will have some pretty fun collaborations with some other Australian artists. I’d love to play a show at The Newy or The Cambridge- I’ve seen some crazy shows in those venues, but at the moment the Newy scene is all over the place, to be honest. There’s lots of different groups and people doing their own thing but not really a platform for people to get heard.”

‘Comfort’ is still in production but will be coming soon to Sookiee’s streaming platforms, and ‘Heartbreak’ is available here.