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Welcome to S&M Productions; a state-of-the-art production studio located in the heart of Newcastle’s talented music scene. For over a decade, S&M has worked closely with artists and agencies to cultivate and perfect their unique sound.

Let’s Create Something Amazing

Matt McLaren,
Executive Producer

Both producer and performer, Matt can be found playing at a local venue as easily as he can be found tirelessly mixing and mastering at the studio.

The piano being an instant attraction, he began classical training from the age of three, moving from classical to pop, funk, dance and blues throughout his career before opening S&M Productions in 2010. As a passionate performer and experienced sound producer, Matt understands the subtleties of mixing and mastering, without compromising your vision.

Our Creative Process

The Studio

Established in 2010, S&M immediately garnered notoriety for its broadcast-tier productions and easy-going, supportive environment.

In the studio, you can rely on Matt’s expert advice as a performer to guide you at any stage of your project, whether you need a new layer to your sound, add lyrics to your instrumental, or create something entirely new.

Online Mixing Now Available

Ready to take your creative project to the next level? S&M now offers expert mixing services, available online with just a few clicks.

Mixing with tools like EQ, compression, panning, and reverb transforms your seperate tracks into a solid, cohesive song. Mixing engineers tighten beats, highlight important sonic elements and adjust vocals and instruments, creating a balanced, polished final track.

Our Recent Work

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