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Here at S&M, you can relax in the knowledge that your creative project is in the right hands.

With over a decade in the studio and a lifetime of performing, Matt is uniquely suited to handling your project at any stage of its development. Whether you’d like to add music to your lyrics, re-work existing music, or compose something entirely new, we’ll find your sound.


Always on the forefront of production technology, Matt believes musical collaboration should be a simpler affair.

Utilising the latest technologies, S&M connects you with artists like you all over the world, allowing you the freedom to create and add layers to your sound in realtime, whenever you feel like it, and without the unnecessary pricetag of a larger studio.

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The Creative Process

Whether you’ve written a complete song or you’re a vocalist who has a melody in your head, Matt will help to bring your musical inspiration to life.

From initial discussions and scratch tracks to sound design and vocal arrangements – nothing is set in stone until the very end, allowing for endless possibilities and creative exploration. Listen to Matt discuss the process of song creation.

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Sound More Like You

With a heavy focus on artistic integrity, Matt will be there to inspire the development of your unique sound, from raw talent to a polished, refined sound.

From a slick demo to display at your next gig, right up to a radio-ready LP, S&M helps you communicate your sound the way you want it to be. It’s all you.

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Our Recent Work

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