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While videography is a cornerstone of storytelling, matching the right narrator to your message is crucial to setting the right tone for your video.

Understanding your audience’s demographic is an important step toward finding the right voice-actor, as the right person will maximise your project’s influence- so having an industry professional is essential.

Earlier in the year, S&M worked with ITN’s Channel 4, a London-based news programme hoping to put together a heartfelt documentary on Australia’s recent bushfire crisis. While they were able to put together some incredible footage of the terrible disaster, finding the right voice to tell the solemn tale of destruction and resilience would need a professional touch, and from someone significantly less English. Through Source-Connect, Matt was able to work in tandem with Channel 4’s voice actor to fine-tune the narration in real time, ensuring that one of our nation’s worst natural disasters was documented in a thought-provoking, sombre way.

More recently, Matt worked on a program designed to enhance study techniques and instil more efficient learning methods in high school students; something that could be integral to students with developmental difficulties as well as your average pupil. 

Unfortunately, teenagers can be quite discerning about whether or not they deem information is coming from a trusted, like-minded source. 

Ideally, the chosen voice actor would possess minimal vocal personality differences from the demographic, as well as crisp, engaging enunciation that would compel even the most distractible students. The kind of sleight of hand required to produce such a specific product could only be found in a skilled engineer, and would be paramount to the success of such a much-needed educational tool.