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With the emergence of streaming services like Spotify and Bandcamp, getting your music heard is easier than it’s ever been- but doing it right is a different story.

Hearing your track brought to life in the studio is an exciting moment but it’s important to hold out on the instinct to upload it straight away, even to your socials, because it might not be as finished as you think. You’ll need to think about putting together an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), which includes cover art, some decent shots of you or your band, your liner notes (who wrote, recorded, played which instrument on each track), and maybe a short bio- anything that might catch someone’s eye.

Imagine what your release will look like to someone you’ve never met. What could you do to maximise the chances of them listening to your music?

Thankfully, the best source of advice is almost definitely the same person that mixed, mastered, and produced your project. Aside from industry contacts like professional music photographers and visual artists, a music producer can help finetune your release with playlist submissions on streaming services.

With over 40,000 tracks submitted to Spotify everyday, the careful consideration of where and how you present your sound is crucial to maximising exposure: a well made single, EP or album will sound terrific, but if the person listening doesn’t enjoy that particular genre you may as well be frisbeeing your hard work into the nearest stormwater drain. Working with your music producer coming up to your release is a great way to be sure that your music finds the right people, and is appealing as possible to first-time listeners.

Subscribing and submitting your music to one or both of the artist’ dashboards, like Spotify For Artists or Apple Music For Artists, should be a central focus of your strategy. These dashboards offer a desirable array of applications and allow you to submit your music to playlist curators; the kind of playlists that get you discovered, and could potentially grow your streams by thousands overnight. They also offer artist verification and tracking analytics which can be extremely useful tools to enhance your public image and closely monitor your audience demographic, which in turn helps you to make informed choices when it comes to playlist submissions.


Take it slow. You took the time to put together something great, take the time to give yourself the best chance to be heard.