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From self-confessed Horse Girl to one of the most refreshing musical comediennes, Sarah Gaul’s performances have confronted and thrilled audiences at Melbourne Comedy Festival, Melbourne Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival.

Recently starring in Netflix’s ‘Hot Mess’, a candid and hilarious peek into the lives of female creatives, Sarah showcases a highly relatable character that resonates with the part of all of us that struggles to stay enthusiastic in a world of obstacles.

Newly releasing her parody track, ‘Hottest 100’, Sarah tells us a little bit about how it all came together. 


“The song HOTTEST 100 started off as a running joke with my mates about this whole ‘Faux Australiana’ that tends to happen in Aussie music, i.e, I’m a true blue Aussie but my Dad pays for everything and I live in my parents investment property; and the song grew from there. That’s not to say musicians aren’t hard working, but it’s a fucktonne easier to be a musician or artist in Australia if you have a financial safety net.

The song is from the point of view of an Aussie singer/songwriter with a horrifically faux Aussie ocker accent singing about their life experiences (going to a private school in Melbourne, glamping, parents buying them instruments etc) in the style of Aussie rock/pop song. I wrote the song in the framework of the Triple J Hottest 100 because they are obviously the main tastemaker/trend setter/power player in the Aussie music scene.

I originally wrote the song with voice and piano, and because people seemed to really vibe the song at live comedy shows I last-minute (in December) decided to release it as a single the day before the actual Hottest 100 this year. I basically came to Matt with lyrics, chords and the character who is singing the song and he took it from there and turned it into what I’ll go right ahead and call a certified banger.

It was a pretty specific and weird brief for a producer (we need to make a fantastically shit but great song that will get stuck in your head for weeks) and Matt TOTALLY and immediately got what the song was about. The brief was really just ‘inexperienced musicians on expensive gear in Dad’s garage’ and we went from there, and layered in the instruments one by one. I made the video with Newy-based director Allan Brady, which involved me running around the inner west of Sydney being a big dickhead in my (way hipper and younger) friends clothes.

I’m stoked with how it turned out and definitely can’t wait to work with Matt on my next banger.”


‘Hottest 100’ is available on Spotify and Apple Music, but for the full experience the Youtube clip is recommended.