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Anyone who has seen me work in the studio knows that i use some pretty incredible text to speech software on my computers to help me navigate and interact with my recording programs among other things. This software is called…

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Revisiting ‘Room For Squares’ 

For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I’m usually a little late to the party regarding album recommendations, movie suggestions, a new place for dinner or literally anything someone raves to me about. Somehow, in my oppositional, defiant mind, a recommendation from…

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Is Vinyl Better?

“Dust accumulates on the hands, crate after crate, like panning for gold. No stone unturned. Hooded and anonymous like a thief in the night, they sift through the shelves of history.” To give some context, I’m currently sitting on a…

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Guitarist Performing in Sound Booth

Vocal Prep

Sometime around eight PM on a warm October evening, Matt and I sat in his Parry St studio, exhausted. After a lengthy afternoon of guitar and drum editing, we were approaching something close to what many would call, delirium. The…

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True Crime: A Conversation With Sarah Gaul

Hey Sarah, how are you doing?  I’m all the better for talking to you. I’m also five coffees in so I am WIRED.  Are you playing any shows this weekend?  Yes!! I’m off to Adelaide this week so I have Friday…

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Studio Equipment

Number One Record

“Lets go somewhere that makes us sound radio ready” My experience with recording up until June 2018 had been in either my bedroom or someone else’s. It was all just pungent teenage funk mixed in with some kind of guitar…

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